The Entrepreneur Economy; A Millennial Mindset…

As a millennial, it’s tempting to want to go off and do your own thing. We were born and raised with start-ups popping up all around – and being massively successful. The rise of Vine, Instagram and YouTube sensations make overnight success seem a reality.

Everyone has a little entrepreneurial flair inside them. Sure, some people need direction and rules to guide them and they are successful this way. But, millennials are so encouraged by external success stories that it’s hard not to want to try something out.

There are a few blockers to going it alone that need to be addressed before you can take your first few steps. Here we identify three key areas.

  1. Quitting your job

When you think about flying solo, the sheer terror will take over that you are giving up a salary. This doesn’t have to be the case. There is no need for you to quit your job unless you start to see clear progression and success. Here’s where hard work and graft need to kick in. Your weekends, evenings and lunch times could be devoted to your side gig. This isn’t to say you need to spend every waking moment on it but it’s your spare time after all. Just because it’s spare doesn’t mean it can’t be productive.

    2. Negotiating a clause in your contract

It is typical that your current employer has a clause in your employment contract that forbids you to have any other form of employment. In your early stages, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re sourcing funding or designing a website in the background, you need not mention anything to your boss. However, when you get to the stage that you have an online presence or it is clear that you are putting in extra hours outside your allotted working hours, you will need to make clear that it will not have a conflict nor distract you from your 9-5.

   3. Be strict with yourself

If you want to blog or vlog as a hobby, that’s fine. But, if you want this to be an additional source of income – and one day your sole source of income – then you need to knuckle down and be a millennial boss. Set specific working hours and draw up targets on a weekly basis. Define what you are set out to achieve and refer to it on a regular basis. If you have deviated away from what you intended to do, then rethink your approach. Are you wasting time, or have you changed tact?

It’s important to get your house in order before you attempt to become an entrepreneur. Set yourself clear, measurable goals and always get outside opinion. There’s much, much more to it then can be covered in one blog post but follow this three guidelines as a basis for your first step to becoming a millennial boss.

-Dominic Kent, Technology Consultant and Owner Of What Millennials Want.




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