The 4hr Work Week

So here’s the thing , if I can be all the way transparent ….

Entrepreneurship can be tough . The first goal is to generate the income that you want. My cleaning company made over a quarter of a million dollars my first 6 months in business when I started out years ago. I was ecstatic but sometimes earning a lot of money comes with a territory. I had more clients than I expected and I couldn’t keep up with the demand of the business. I was working 12-14 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week. I was miserable . I realized that a lot of entrepreneurs deal with this in both stages of their hustle . Some work long hours in hopes of launching a successful business and some are bringing in great money but they don’t have time to spend with family , hang out with friends , have personal time, have time to vacation , etc.

I realized quickly that the key to being successful was to work SMART & Not hard. I’m finally where I want to be. I want to share what I did . I’m sure it could help someone. Here are a few things that I did that cut my work day in half , increased my income , and helped me find my sanity as an entrepreneur.

  • I stopped dealing with problematic clients . No amount of money was worth the stress.
  • I increased my prices . I was able to make more money and deal with less clients . My loyal clients didn’t mind. Most of my problematic clients didn’t renew their recurring contract with me which was my plan to begin with. My new clients never knew of the previous discounted rate so they didn’t complain about my pricing .
  • I offered a few complimentary services to my clients to make the increase in price worth it. If you’re going to increase your prices make sure there’s something in it for your clients as well.
  • I created a virtual assistant company and all of my virtual assistants took care of a lot of daily tasks such as ? creating email campaigns for my business , handling customer service issues , and scheduling .
  • I stopped providing FREE services . If a client wanted anything else outside of what their package included I provided them with a price . Being too nice will cost you money & time . If you do it for one client you have to do it for all. You’re working to make a living , not to give everyone freebies all of the time. Something complimentary from time to time is ok but I created a limit.
  • I took my expertise , created online courses , and sold them to students that wanted to grow or start their own business . This source of income was great. I was also passionate about it. Instead of working around the clock to make a certain amount of money ? if I wanted to vacay and not work as much that month I’ll put my cleaning business on autopilot . The courses brought in extra income & I didn’t need to spend more than 2 hours a week operating the online course business.
  • I read THE 4-Hour Workweek By Timothy Ferriss (pictured)
  • I put myself FIRST . I realized that I was more important than my business.

Making the necessary adjustments helped me change my life completely !

Everyone talks about the success that they’ve achieved as an entrepreneur but everyone that’s winning isn’t living a balanced life. I hope this helps someone . Good luck !

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