Branding 101: What does it mean to brand yourself?

The way to success is to work smarter not harder. This means investing in yourself, investing in your future and investing in your people with hopes to expand your black communities. A 9-5 creates stability and peace of mind but it can hinder the spirit to complicity and prohibit the mind from being able to think further than that 9-5.

Working smarter means creating multiple sources of income, to brand yourself, your personality traits and networking in your community. People work with people who are like them and remember perception is reality so if you surround yourself by successful people, inevitably this is your fate. But don’t just be there, interact. Interaction is branding, people don’t always remember faces or names but distinct traits. For example, every time you network, try sitting in the same area every time. Watch the outcome of this method. That is branding.

Branding can be done discreetly or explicitly. Let’s talk about both! Discreet Branding is spraying it not saying it. A great example is sitting in the same spot, wearing a signature item, reciting your standout statement before leaving an event. Explicit Branding is bragging. Don’t just wear your business on your sleeve.. Tell everyone and anyone who you are and what your business represents. Branding has to be innate like one’s genetic makeup. It can’t be created, it must be developed!

-Janice Kinsler

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  • Nicole , Direct link to comment

    Itís hard to find knowledgeable people for this subject, but you seem like you know what youíre talking about! Thanks

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